Secure courier

Secure transport

Selling your engagement ring has in the past been difficult because if you didn't want to sell to a pawnbroker, you were limited to generic online marketplaces which offer no special security.  We've worked hard to develop secure options for our customers, and you'll be pleased to know they don't cost an arm and a leg.  

Depending on the value of your item, a number of different delivery services are available to securely transport your precious item from your hands to ours - fully insured, zero risk.  Every option includes signature on delivery, and our custom-built system notifies you immediately after we've safely received it, so you can rest easy.  Of course we know for some items keeping costs to a minimum are important, and for others the highest possible security is paramount.

Toll hand-to-hand

While we offer a range of options, our preferred method for transporting high value items is Toll hand-to-hand courier service.  Part of Toll's Protective Transport Services, which Australian governments use to move classified documents, the 'hand-to-hand' delivery system consists of one courier retreiving your item from you personally, and transporting it directly to Blingle.  A full chain of custody is maintained, with real time monitoring and a tamper-proof sealed box.  There's no safer way to move your precious items.

As with everything we do at Blingle, the choice is always yours.  You're always in control, and can choose the option that best suits you and your priorities and budget.


 Secure pin payments

Secure payments

As you know, we take your security very seriously.  This isn't just when transporting your precious items, but also when processing transactions.  We use the cutting edge technology of Pin Payments, an Australian company based in Melbourne, to process all transactions using a token-based system.  This means Blingle never stores your credit card details, and your transactions are encrypted to the highest level when transmitting through the internet.

Because we're dealing with precious jewellery, and not everybody online is as honest as you, we also take leading-edge precautions to verify our sellers' identities and their ownership of their items.  This includes verifying their bank account through a high-tech verification process, so you can have confidence that the person you're buying from is legitimate.  You can learn more about Pin Payments by following this link.