How to sell an engagement ring, vintage ring or precious stone with blingle



"But I'm selling, not buying!"  It's true, but research will help you understand what else is out there that real buyers will be comparing your engagement ring, vintage ring or precious stone with.  We recommend you conduct both on-line and real-world research, including taking your item to a local jeweller or two for an appraisal.  It will give you a good indication of what the retail and second-hand value is, and give you a better chance of selling your engagement ring, vintage ring or precious stone.  If you don't have a certificate of authenticity, we highly recommend you get one before listing your item.  

We recommend allowing for the cost of the gemmological verification provided by Blingle in your asking price.  Because Blingle includes a physical verification for every buyer, our handling and verification fees are deducted from your sale price.  See below for further details.

Please remember if your item doesn't match your description when you list on blingle, you could be liable for delivery and handling costs.  We also recommend you keep in mind the verification and handling fee blingle will deduct from the final payment after your item is sold.  Please read our Terms and Conditions  for more information.

Create a listing - it's free!

Once you've browsed to see what other items are on the market, it's time to create a listing.  First you'll need to register with a username and your contact details.

List your item for free and wait for offers.  Make sure you include in your listing all the details you'd want to know if you were a buyer.  The more details, the more likely you are to sell.  

In the meantime we'll send you a welcome pack, including a secure blingle box which you can use to send your item to us when you accept an offer and it is time for verification.

Set your price

Set the original price (either the price originally paid if you have the receipt, or a retail valuation amount if you have it), your asking price, and also a reserve price.  

The reserve price is secret, so buyers can't see it.  If you receive an offer below your reserve price you'll have the choice to accept, reject, or counter-offer.  If you receive an offer above your reserve price, it will be automatically accepted.

Note: Please double-check your reserve price.  Any offer submitted above your reserve price will be automatically accepted.

Get selling

Blingle is a marketplace, so how quickly your item sells will depend on a variety of factors including the type of item and your asking price.  If you want a faster sale, we recommend reviewing your asking price, and being ready to negotiate when you receive an offer below your reserve.

Once you have accepted an offer the buyer pays a deposit, and then you'll need to send your item in for verification via one of our secure methods.

Send in your bling

Once you accept the purchase, you will receive an email from us letting you know we have received a deposit and you have 5 business days to send your item to us using the secure blingle box we sent you.  You'll receive specific instructions in the email about delivery options, but every single item must be sent signature-on-delivery.   We use Toll "hand-to-hand" premium secure service for high value items, and it's an option we make available to every seller (see our security  page for more information). 

Note: At this point we require you to verify the bank account where you want your funds deposited.  We take fraud extremely seriously, and we use an automated online verification method provided by PIN Payments.  

Receive your funds

You’ll receive another email from us when your item is verified by our expert gemmologists, and we receive the balance of the purchase price from the buyer.  Within 5 business days you'll have money directly in your bank account.  Blingle's verification and handling fee is deducted from the final payment into your bank account.  Blingle's handling and verification fee of 10% includes a physical assessment and verification by a licenced, accredited jeweller/gemmologist.  This gives buyers the confidence to pay a higher price than they would on eBay, which charges 10%, with no physical verification.  Blingle also allows sellers to market their items to buyers all over the country, without geographical limitation, thanks to our safe and secure marketplace and delivery systems.


For more helpful information about selling an engagement ring, vintage ring or precious stone online, visit our FAQ page .