How to buy an engagement ring, vintage ring or precious stone with blingle



Browse until you find the item you’re interested in.  You can search by quality, by price or by materials, and you can see the retail price, the asking price, and plenty of details about the item itself.

Make an offer

Once you've found an item you like, you can make an offer (to make an offer you'll need to create an account, which should only take a few seconds).

You can either agree to pay the seller's asking price, or you can try your luck by making an offer below the asking price.  If your offer is lower than the seller's reserve price, they'll need to manually review your offer and either accept, decline, or counter-offer.  If your offer is above the reserve, you win!  

Pay your deposit

Once your offer is accepted, the item will be added to your shopping cart, so that's when you'll need to pay your deposit to secure the item.  Don't forget, you can select options such as having the stone removed from the setting (in case you wanted to propose with just a diamond, for example), cut & polish, presentation boxes and more.

Note: Until you have paid your deposit, the item can still be purchased by another buyer, so be quick!  Also remember once you've paid your deposit, you are committed to purchasing the item, so long as our gemmologists verify it matches the description.

Let us do the work for you

Once your deposit is paid, the ball is rolling.  Our automated system will notify the seller they need to send the item to us immediately for verification by our expert gemologists.  You'll receive notifications along the way about what stage in the process your item is up to.

Finalise your purchase

You will be notified when your item passes verification, and once you've paid your outstanding balance, we'll deliver the item to you at your preferred address!


For more helpful information about buying an engagement ring, vintage ring or precious stone online, visit our FAQ page