How it works

Buying and selling an engagement ring, vintage ring or precious stone online with blingle

blingle is not ordinary marketplace website.  We operate in the real-world, with qualified, expert gemmologists to ensure every item listed for sale on blingle is physically verified before a sale is completed.  Our safe, secure process is unique in Australia, and we pride ourselves on delivering the best value for money when it comes to premium engagement rings, vintage rings and precious stones.



When it comes to selling your engagement ring, vintage ring or precious stones, blingle is light years ahead of pawnbrokers and generic online marketplaces for two reasons.

Firstly, with our expert gemmologists physically checking every item before a sale is completed, buyers can shop with confidence and offer you a better price.  No more uncertainty about whether the item they see for sale is perfectly as described, which means better prices for our sellers.  Plus, you can say goodbye to the days of pawnbrokers, who generally only offer you scrap value for your precious bling.

Secondly, with the safety and security of listing your item online, you never have to meet the buyer in person, and our specially designed system allows you to negotiate without ever sharing your personal or contact details.  You can list, negotiate and bank your money without ever needing to leave your home.  You can even sell your rings, diamonds or precious stones online with just your phone using blingle!

For more details on the process, see our dedicated selling  page.  For all the terms and conditions, including our verification and handling fees (which are only payable once you receive final payment), see our legals  page.



You may never have considered buying a second-hand diamond ring online before.  But you're here, perhaps because you know all diamonds are traded on the wholesale market, and it's likely any diamond you buy from a retailer has had several owners previously.  Buying an engagement ring, vintage ring or precious stone through blingle is easy, safe, and incredibly good value, because we connect you directly with real Australian sellers. Oh, and our expert gemmologists physically verify every item before you pay for it!

Buying online through blingle really couldn't be easier.  Browse, negotiate, pay a deposit, then sit back and relax until we've verified your item for you.  Once our gemmologists have given your purchase the tick of approval, pay the balance and we'll securely deliver the item to you, along with a hard copy of its verification.

While you're browsing, remember our gemmologists can remove a stone from its setting for you if you're planning on proposing with just a stone.  We also offer premium unbranded presentation boxes, cutting & polishing, and other services you can select through checkout.

Remember, with blingle you can shop with the confidence of our money-back guarantee.  If an item does not pass verification, you can receive your deposit back in full.  No questions asked.

Please see our buying  page for more detailed information, and our FAQs  for any curly questions.  We also recommend you read our Terms and Conditions  and check out the blog for all the handiest tips.