Frequently Asked Questions

The vast majority of the time, things will go smoothly for you as either a buyer or seller. Occasionally though, we know you may have a question which is out of the ordinary. That's why you're here. If you can't see your question answered below, please contact us directly. We are dedicated to happy buyers and sellers!


What’s included in the verification process?
The verification process is what makes blingle different for people who want to buy or sell engagement rings, vintage rings or precious stones. Our expert gemmologist will physically inspect the item to make sure it matches the description listed by the seller. For a diamond, this will include assessing the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of the stone. The buyer will receive a written assessment signed by the gemmologist.

What if the item doesn’t pass verification?
If the item doesn’t match the description, the buyer has the option to cancel the purchase for a full refund - no questions asked. If the variation is only slight, the buyer also has the option to renegotiate with the seller, although any decision to renegotiate is entirely at the discretion of both the buyer and seller. blingle can facilitate this renegoiation, but the seller remains liable for the verification and handling fee payable on the original agreed price.

If the buyer decides not to proceed with the sale, delivery of the item back to the seller is at the seller's cost.

What if the buyer changes their mind?
Once the buyer has negotiated a price and paid a deposit, they must complete the sale unless the gemmologist determines the item does not match the seller's description. If the buyer fails to complete the sale for any reason other than the item not matching its description, the buyer forfeits their deposit. We encourage any buyer who is experiencing difficult circumstances after paying their deposit to contact us directly and quickly.

What if the seller changes their mind?
We know precious jewellery can have sentimental value, and often it's not quite appreciated until the moment you have to let it go. But please remember blingle buyers are counting on you - if you've accepted a price for your item from a willing buyer, you must proceed with the sale. It's only fair. If you choose not to send your item after you accept a sale price from a buyer, you will still be charged the verification and handling fee as per the Terms and Conditions agreed to when listing the item. If you are unsure, please login to your dashboard and de-list your item.
Please don’t list your item if you are not 100% confident you are ready to sell it.

Why can't I edit my item once I've listed it?
Changes to current listings are not permitted as a security measure. Every attribute selected, image uploaded, and description entered is used by our expert gemmologists to verify the item on behalf of the buyer. If you have made an error prior to accepting an offer, we recommend cancelling your listing and starting again. Remember listing is free, and it's better to be accurate than have your sale fall through because your description was 'loose.'

Do you offer any other services?
Yes! We can organise to have the stone removed from its setting, the ring polished and cleaned, minor repairs, a written retail valuation, diamond certification or placed in a special presentation box. Please note, these services incur extra charges and may add time to your purchase. You can add these services to your purchase in your shopping cart on check-out.

What if I don’t have the diamond’s grading certificate or a presentation box?
We recommend taking your item to a local jeweller or two for their appraisal before listing if you don't have a certificate. Engagement rings, vintage rings and precious stones are usually significant purchases, so the more paperwork you can provide, the greater confidence buyers will have about paying a premium price.

If you are unable to have your item assessed by a local jeweller, and you don't have a certificate to go with the item, please be aware our gemmologists may take longer to verify it, and there is a greater risk it won't match the description. Even a small variation matters - an F colour diamond is worth less than an E colour, and we take our obligations to our buyers seriously.

If you don't have a presentation box, don't worry. We have premium unbranded boxes available to our buyers on checkout!


If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us  directly - we'll be happy to help!