Australia’s online market place for buying and selling engagement rings

Australia’s online market place for buying and selling engagement rings

blingle is Australia’s premium online market place for buying and selling engagement rings, vintage rings and precious stones. There are no geographical limitations, you don’t have to meet in person to exchange cash and you can browse and buy from the comfort of your couch without having to step foot in a jewellery shop.

Buying and selling through blingle

The decision to part with an engagement ring can be part of a big process for some, and purely financial for others. Whatever reason you decide to part with yours, we want to make sure you’re in the driver’s seat and in control of what it gets sold for.

As a buyer, we want to give you an alternative option for buying an engagement ring and the peace of mind that what you’re buying is what you’re getting.  Every purchase comes with our money-back guarantee.  If the item is found by our gemmologist not to match the description or certificate, and you decide not to renegotiate with the seller, we'll refund your deposit in full.  

We take your safety and security seriously when buying or selling an engagement ring or precious stone - that's what's different about Blingle.  Check out our security  page for all the details.

Who we are

blingle is a wholly Australian owned and operated business, which was established by our founder Lauren, and operates from Canberra, ACT.  The marketplace concept was developed over twelve months with local web architects and designers, and with input from accredited Australian gemmologists.

The idea came about as a solution to the following three problems:

  • 1. Diamonds are very expensive to buy from a retailer in Australia - retailers can charge more than four times the wholesale value

  • 2. For people who'd like to sell their engagement ring, there are limited options - pawnbrokers offer only scrap value, and generic online websites offer little security or certainty; and

  • 3. Diamond mining damages the planet, and has had links to slavery - every new diamond bought keeps demand up for diamond mining

So blingle allows buyers to negotiate directly with Australian sellers for their engagement ring, vintage ring or precious stone, with the security of knowing our expert gemmologists physically check every item before the sale is finalised.  Sellers can achieve a much better price for their item than from a pawnbroker, and also benefit from the security of our unique process which doesn't disclose their contact details to buyers.  And by trading in non-new diamonds and precious stones, you're helping reduce the impact on the environment.

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